The lowermost parts of the world's air is very polluted, and only high up the air is clean.. You have found a beautiful bird which suffers from the pollution and cannot fly out.. It is your task to clean the air so the bird can fly high and breathe the fresh air.


All audio clips are retrieved from

  • The button click is produced by Hannes Wannerberger.
  • The the machine-cleaning-the-air sound is produced by the user gelo_papas
  • The background sounds are produced by the user Mattix.
  • The piano melody is produced by the user luhenriking.


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Really enjoyed the game and recommend it to everyone! It had some very minor issues, but I loved the messaging and the gameplay was quite enjoyable even though it was pretty basic.


Thank you very much for your honest review :D It is made during two months of a semester in school, along with three other courses, by two complete novices to game design.

Great game! A full review will be published tonight on I will notify you when it is done!

thank you 😁